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I am a psychologist from Czech republic. I deal mostly with partnership breakups and divorses, parental wars for children, parental alienation syndrome, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Jeronym Klimes

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How to split Yamaha keyboard with linux script

Yamaha digital pianos (Arius and Clavinova) mostly do not have a function split, so you may use this script to play simultaneously two instruments at upper and lower range of you keyboard. You can easily modify this script for other instruments. 2016-05-12, id(1262), English, Programy a Počítače, ja(1), priorita(0),

Dates before our epoch (before Christ) in Calc

There is a big problem how to enter epoch dates before Christ (BC/BCE) into Calc Libreoffice. You can use this formula when working with BC date at least up to 100 BC. 2016-01-09, id(1243), English, Programy a Počítače, ja(1), priorita(0),

Script how to split keyboard of digital piano Yamaha YDP-142 or YDP-162

Digital piano Yamaha Arius YDP-142 or YDP-162 does not have a function split keyboard, so you cannot play two instruments at upper and lower range of your keyboard. But if you connect your piano via USB cable, you can run this linux script, which splits the keyboard.
I recorded (in very amateur way) two examples how this splitted Arius plays:
Lullaby of birdland (mp3)
Czech folk song "Já jsem z Hory Kutny" - I am from Kutna Hora (mp3) 2015-07-25, id(1194), Muzika, English, Programy a Počítače, ja(1), priorita(0),


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