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I am a psychologist from Czech republic. I deal mostly with partnership breakups and divorses, parental wars for children, parental alienation syndrome, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Jeroným Klimeš: Partners and Breakups

This book is an English translation of my very successful book on breakups. You can bought it at this address, see link. 2018-09-18, id(1625), Psychologie, Rozchody, Četba, English, Nadčasové, ja(1), priorita(0),

Trial relationships and sex before marriage among believers

This article is not only for religious people - How to set up our partnerships so we could avoid painful breakups later on. 2017-12-28, id(1616), Psychologie, Teologie, Rozchody, Četba, English, Nadčasové, ja(1), priorita(3),

The Christians are missing a theological concept of a Church divorce

The number of divorces is unhealthy big even with religious people, so we urgently need a logical theological concept how to deal with those divorced people. 2017-12-27, id(1501), Psychologie, Rozchody, English, Nadčasové, ja(1), priorita(3),

Přímá, nepřímá úměra a trojčlenka

Jak se chaoticky mění osnovy, tak se vytrácí rozumění dříve všeobecně známým pojmům, jako je na příklad trojčlenka. Já jsem se to musel naučit extra, protože ve škole jsme se ji už neučili. 2017-01-02, id(1424), Matematika, ja(1), priorita(0),

Gaze distribution in commercial eye-tracking

This is a final paper for Visual systems lectures of prof. Wilson Geisler at Texas University in Austin. Mostly devoted to a question how to fit a set of gazes by exponential distribution. 2003-07-03, id(168), Psychologie, English, Reklama, ja(1), priorita(0),

Evolutionary purpose of morality

This is a final paper for Evolutionary psychology lectures of prof. David Buss at Texas University in Austin. Mostly devoted to a question why morality has evolved. 2003-07-03, id(169), Psychologie, English, ja(1), priorita(0),

Reaction to an ambivalent object

Ambivalent object is everybody who we love and hate at the same time. The theory of a reaction to an ambivalent objects explains pair assymetry, say "the more he loved her the more she hated him", etc. Presentation covers three main parts of the theory: Preferencial curves, manipulations, and fantasy figures. 2003-02-07, id(145), Psychologie, English, ja(1), priorita(0),

Eye-tracking research of commercials

I had a presentation of ways of eye-tracking research on commercials at University of Texas with explanation of coding, curves analysis, and time levels, which are necessary for success in such a research. 2003-01-31, id(144), Psychologie, English, Reklama, Opravit, ja(5), priorita(0),

Who is who?

Who is who in the Oval office? Who is the president speaking with? Is Condi the best friend of him? Did the Chinese right to choose Hu as a leader of their country? Will Arafat object to eat rise? What has George got in his mug finally? Hard to say, but take a small hint. :-) 2002-11-21, id(139), Četba, English, Ftipy, ja(5), priorita(0),

Questionnaire of manipulative behavior

This questionnaire is a part of my thesis on reactions at an ambivalent object. Following questions rose from the hypothesis of this model, but I have found they are quite similar with so called Machiavellian score. For the comparison with it, I translated the all 37 questions of the Czech version. 2002-08-05, id(90), English, ja(1), priorita(0),

Reactions to an ambivalent object

The basic terms of the theory of reactions at an ambivalent object. 2002-06-10, id(71), Psychologie, Rozchody, Náhradní rodinná péče, English, ja(1), priorita(0),

Abused and neglected children based on the theory of an ambivalent object

I started to work on a theory of reactions at an ambivalent object after my first thesis. This is an article from one conference. 2002-06-10, id(72), Psychologie, Náhradní rodinná péče, English, ja(1), priorita(0),

Development and prognosis of religious conversions

My M.A. thesis was on religious psychology, mostly oriented on moral aspects of catholic teaching. This part is about phases of a people who disaffiliate from church with deep internal conflict and crisis. It use to be a case of priests, monks, etc. 2002-06-10, id(73), Psychologie, Teologie, English, Celibát, ja(1), priorita(0),

Psycho-physical problem

I met psychology first in a form of thomistic metaphysical psychology, which is based upon psycho-physical problem of soul existence. It was quite demanding to start think in terms of contemporary empirical psychology, but I am convinced that the first contact with sophisticated system of medieval psychology was quite inspiring. Here is a small remnant of this period. 2002-06-10, id(74), Psychologie, Teologie, English, Archiv, ja(1), priorita(0),

Curriculum vitae

2002-06-10, id(75), Ostatní, English, ja(5), priorita(0),


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