# I bought my children a new piano, you may guess its name and therefore I had to write this script.

echo "		  Utility to split a keyboard of Yamaha ARIUS YDP-142 or YDP-162"
echo "		  --------------------------------------------------------------"
echo "			     writen by Jeronym Klimes (www.klimes.us)"
echo "		Thanks God for the authors of midish, Krusader, Kate, Lubuntu, etc."

usage() {
	echo "Usage:" 
	echo "	$(basename $0) [-l lower instrument number = 9] [-u upper instrument number = 1]"
	echo "		[-s split note number = 52 (f; F2)] [-i interactive mode to select instruments]"
	echo "		[-o just switch local control on]"
	echo "Yamaha digital piano ARIUS has not a fuction split, so you may use this script to play" 
	echo "two instruments simultaneously at an lower and upper range of your keyboard."
	echo "Connect your PC to Yamaha ARIUS via USB cable and run this script at the command line."
# I use this midi interface from www.ebay.com:
echo "You may need to install small utilities as midish, zenity, aseqdump, usually by a command:" echo " sudo apt-get install nameoftheutility" echo "You may easily adapt this script for other instruments. See hints inside the script." echo echo "Warning! This program switch off so called local control, so keys on keyboard stop to play." echo "So after running this program, you have to switch local control yourself by pressing:" echo " DEMO + VOICE + C6 (c'''') on your keyboard" echo "You can run this script with parametr -o to switch local control on later:" echo " $(basename $0) -o" echo echo "You can break this script at any time. Just press CTRL+C on the PC keyboard." exit 2 } localon() { echo "Switching on local control" exec midish -b <<EOF dnew 2 "$device" wo #output onew lower {2 3} co lower print "switching local control on again" oaddev {ctl lower 122 127} # p EOF # This EOF must start at the first column without any leading or trailing spaces. exit } bank() { case $1 in # Yamaha ARIUS YDP-142 Preset Voice List #Name MSB 0-127) LSB (0-127) Program Change # (1-128) hex MSB LSB dec MSB LSB 1) name="GrandPiano 1"; msb="108"; lsb="0"; patch="1" ; hML=3600; dML=13824;; 2) name="GrandPiano 2"; msb="108"; lsb="3"; patch="1" ; hML=3603; dML=13827;; 3) name="GrandPiano 3"; msb="108"; lsb="2"; patch="2" ; hML=3602; dML=13826;; 4) name="E.Piano 1 "; msb="108"; lsb="0"; patch="6" ; hML=3600; dML=13824;; 5) name="E.Piano 2 "; msb="108"; lsb="0"; patch="5" ; hML=3600; dML=13824;; 6) name="Harpsichord "; msb="108"; lsb="0"; patch="7" ; hML=3600; dML=13824;; 7) name="Vibraphone "; msb="108"; lsb="0"; patch="12"; hML=3600; dML=13824;; 8) name="Pipe Organ "; msb="108"; lsb="1"; patch="20"; hML=3601; dML=13825;; 9) name="Jazz Organ "; msb="108"; lsb="0"; patch="17"; hML=3600; dML=13824;; 10) name="Strings "; msb="108"; lsb="0"; patch="49"; hML=3600; dML=13824;; # Take care! The byte is only 7 bits here, so 128 and not 256, therefore: # dML = msb*128 + lsb # See Yamaha ARIUS YDP-162 YDP-142 MIDI Reference esac if [ "$2" == "lower" ]; then lname=$name lmsb=$msb llsb=$lsb lpatch=$(($patch-1)) ldML=$dML lhML=$hML fi if [ "$2" == "upper" ]; then uname=$name umsb=$msb ulsb=$lsb upatch=$(($patch-1)) udML=$dML uhML=$hML fi } selectinstruments () { options=(\ "1" "GrandPiano 1"\ "2" "GrandPiano 2"\ "3" "GrandPiano 3"\ "4" "E.Piano 1 "\ "5" "E.Piano 2 "\ "6" "Harpsichord "\ "7" "Vibraphone "\ "8" "Pipe Organ "\ "9" "Jazz Organ "\ "10" "Strings "\ ) selection=$(zenity --height 400 --list "${options[@]}" --column="#" --column="name"\ --text="Select an instrument for the upper range of the piano" --title="Upper instrument"\ --print-column="1" --hide-header ) if [ "${#selection}" == 3 ]; then selection=${selection:0:1} else selection=${selection:0:2} fi bank $selection upper selection=$(zenity --height 400 --list "${options[@]}" --column="#" --column="name"\ --text="Select an instrument for the lower range of the piano" --title="Lower instrument"\ --print-column="1" --hide-header ) if [ "${#selection}" == 3 ]; then selection=${selection:0:1} else selection=${selection:0:2} fi bank $selection upper selection=$(zenity --scale --text "Pick a split key! (default 52 (F2; f)" --min-value=1 --max-value=85 --value=52 --step 1 ) if [[ $selection = *[[:digit:]]* ]]; then # is selection a number? split=$selection fi } device=$(aseqdump -l | grep "ARIUS" | awk '{print $1}') # edit this line if you want to use another musical instrument then ARIUS. bank 1 upper # default upper range is piano bank 9 lower # default lower range is jazz organ split=52 # default split is f (F2) while getopts oihl:u:s: optname; do case "$optname" in u) bank $OPTARG upper;; l) bank $OPTARG lower;; s) split=$OPTARG;; h) usage;; i) interactive=true;; o) localon;; esac done if [ $interactive ]; then selectinstruments fi echo echo "Instruments' parameters" echo uname=$uname umsb=$umsb ulsb=$ulsb upatch=$upatch uhML=$uhML udML=$udML echo lname=$lname lmsb=$lmsb llsb=$llsb lpatch=$lpatch lhML=$uhML ldML=$ldML echo split=$split echo device=$device echo if [ -z $device ]; then echo "The keyboard Yamaha ARIUS is not connected to your PC. Exiting..." echo exit fi #This is main midish procedure. You can run it by yourself in an interactive mode by runing program rmidish exec midish -b <<EOF dnew 1 "$device" ro #input inew input {1 0} ci input dnew 2 "$device" wo #output - the same keyboard as output divided into two ranges onew upper {2 2} onew lower {2 3} co upper print "setting upper range instrument - $uname" oaddev {xpc upper $upatch $udML} #Other possibilities: # oaddev {xpc upper upatch (128*$umsb+$ulsb)} # oaddev {pc upper upatch} co lower print "setting lower range instrument - $lname" oaddev {xpc lower $lpatch $ldML} print "switching off local control" oaddev {ctl lower 122 0} fnew mysplit fmap {any input} {any upper} fmap {any input} {any lower} print "setting split point - $split" fmap {note input 0..$split} {note lower 0..$split} # split at F2 (f) fmap {note input ($split+1)..127} {note upper ($split+1)..127} # split at F2 (f) cf mysplit print " " print "Press key s to stop simulation. (This does not work... :-((( You have to press CTRL+C)" print " " i #Unfortunately the following script does not work because of CTRL+C #cf lower #co lower #print "switching local control on again" #ls #oaddev {ctl lower 122 127} print "This is the very end. " print "Do not forget to switch local control on by yourself. Press:" print "DEMO + VOICE + C6 (c'''') on your keyboard" print "or run this script with parameter -o" EOF # This EOF must start at the first column without any leading or trailing spaces.